The Team

We grow together with our customers


Character:Libra - It is difficult to decide what nonsense to do.

Education:Software and internet technologies in Varna

Good qualities:There are ...




Character:Leo - Easily decides what nonsense to do.

Education:German studies and translation theory

Good qualities:Also...


Founder, CEO

Our atelier for graphic design and web based products is powered up by an young and creative team, well skilled in planning and developing various web projects or complete internet solutions for new or well established firms on the market.

We proudly had the opportunity to develop our skills and experience locally and abroad. Driven by the wish to be close to our customers, to live and work in the same reality with them, we now continue to grow together in our home town.

Friends and partners

Superhosting.BG supports us from the very beginning of our journey. Reliable and professional in every aspect of their work, they have always proved themselves as indispensable partner in providing the optimal domain and hosting solutions.

One of the best companies at the national level in the field of event management. We are proud of the achievement of a long-term partnership, thanks to which all our clients enjoy preferential treatment and discounts with them.

Evgeni Veskov is one of our most beloved colleagues and friends, specializied over the years in graphic and brand design. His limitless creativity and good taste are most valuable to us, especially when we are running out of time or ideas.