ASK "Shumen Autosport"

Automobile Sports Club, organizer of the "Old Capitals" Rally and Mountain Climbing "Valeri Velikov"

ASK "Shumen Autosport" is a non-profit association, established in 2019 especially for all lovers of motor sports in Shumen. The organization of sports events such as "Old Capitals" Rally and Mountain Climbing "Valeri Velikov" always bring joy and great social response, which always contributes to the promotion of motor sports and economic development of Shumen.

The platform we have created preserves a true tradition of Bulgarian motoring. Multi-layered, rich and very informative. In this project we created several thematic parts, interconnected in vision and content. We have built a website that is accessible and informative for all three types of visitors – the competitors, the spectators and the media covering the sporting events. We presented all this with a light and casual design.

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