Argent Publications

An initiative that unites in a unique way the creativity of a number of professionals around a common goal.

Argent Publications is a noble and respectable endeavor that unites in a unique way the work of many professionals around a common goal. Here are some of the words with which Julieta Kaludova - founder and main coordinator of the project describes the idea:

"Argent Publications is a Bulgarian-American project, the idea for which was born four years ago in our office on the 33rd floor of the Thanksgiving Tower, in downtown Dallas, Texas, USA. From our first American website under the name Falchion Publications in 2016, during our first English-language electronic edition in 2018, to the first Bulgarian one in 2020, we went through many changes and challenges, but the dream set in the project remained intact.

The magazine will be published in Bulgarian and English in the form of a digital application for iOS, Android and Amazon. In this way, it preserves the values, content and vision of a classic edition, but with the dynamics, efficiency and accessibility of an electronic publication. It will be available for download against a modest subscription required for its maintenance (at a symbolic value equal to a one beer with potatoes)."

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B. G. Reynolds

B. G. Reynolds

Founder and Editorial Director

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