SD Logo

Logo image for the work of Slavil Dimitrov as a conductor and composer.

The current graphics and logo are designed with the idea to become an integral part of the personality and work of Slavil Dimitrov as a conductor and composer.

The goal was to build an elegant product with clean lines, rich symbolism and a certain emotional tone. This required the initial concept to be with maximum ideological saturation and a well-balanced between the individual elements.

The main body of the graphic style stylizes one of the main conductor's schemes - 4/4, and attention is paid to the dynamics and accents of the individual moves. The first swing is presented with a baton located in the center of the graphic, with the idea of being a balancing pivot of the whole composition. The third and fourth swings complement the first in the formation of a stylized version of the letter D.

The family is represented by an initial in Cyrillic, creating an association with the cultural and social roots of the conductor. The personal name, on the other hand, is represented by an initial in Latin as a reflection of the achieved professional development internationally.

Other conceptual concepts can be found in the graphics, such as a sailing ship, a bell, a cross and others blown by the headwind.