Brand identity

Design of entire brand identity or additional parts of it.

Brand identity is another broad term that is constantly used in a variety of contexts and situations. In general it describes the overall brand image of a company, person or simply a thing, and combines all graphic components related to it such as name, logo, typeface, color pallet, shapes, negative space etc.

One of the most important aspects of brand identity is the message the consumer gets from it. Normally the brand concept is based on company`s long-term values, goals, market place and target audience. Therefore the ground message of the brand identity should efficiently communicate those keys and their relations to each other. Its meaning should be easily and equally understandable among the consumers.

The brand identity inevitably sets certain emotional tone to the general product recognition. Having this in mind its concept should always aim clarity and consistency by defining strict rules of how to use and how not to use the brand and its foundational elements.

Shumen, Bulgaria


Al & Co

Al & Co

Al and Co. are one of the most significant companies in Shumen and the region with over 25 years of history